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Helping our children understand and manage their emotions.

Worry Eaters

These snugly knitted monsters munch any worries that are popped in their mouths.


Jenby’s was established in 2016 by Dr Natalie Jewitt, a chartered clinical psychologist who specialises in children’s emotional and mental health. At Burley Oaks we offer Worry and Anxiety and Big Emotions workshops that each run for six sessions (one per week) for a maximum of 6 children per group. These workshops have been hugely successful and are in high demand.

Talk & Read

A problem shared is like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

”I feel so much lighter already,” thanked the optimistic Y6 boy.

Reading a good book is like immersing yourself into another world. We divert our brain giving us chance to re-energise and re-focus.

Check your teacher’s blog to remind yourself about all the fabulous online reading resources we can access.

Tools & Strategies

Fidget toys, calming visual objects, mindfulness colouring, learning booklets, breathing techniques, relaxation activities for the brain and body, useful apps, helpful thoughts, music, art, rest, exercise, food, drink, talk and reading books are all fabulous tools we can use to help with our emotional well being. Raising awareness of what to try and when is the key to your calm.

A good balance of things that keep us healthy in our day will equip us to deal better with any little mishaps along the way.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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